Installation Engineering and Electrical Test Engineering

Apr 03, 2018
In line with the concept of adapting to the market trend, the company actively tried to undertake various types of new installation engineering projects. The performance has achieved great achievements and many valuable work experience. Representative achievements include: Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. establishes installation project for the online monitoring and control platform for waste water operation management; replaces 35KV high-voltage switchgear cabinet of Beilun ore wharf branch of Ningbo Port Co., Ltd.; provincial natural pipe system public security risk level and safety prevention rectification project Zhejiang Zhenneng Natural Gas Operation Co., Ltd. Station Valve Room Security Video Renovation Maintenance Project; Ningbo Water Supply Company Beilun Branch Power House Renovation; Zhenhai Refining POX- Hydrogen Production Raw Material Structure Modification Project Installation Project; Ningbo Yadeke Automation Industry Co., Ltd. 2500kva*210kv power transmission and distribution project, 2500kva*210kv power transmission and distribution project (21#, 24# plant), #3 main transformer capacity expansion project, Yadeke second-phase electrical project, etc. The total number of other medium and small-scale defects rectification and electrical test projects signed with the company has exceeded 30 million yuan. It is because of the company's high quality service attitude and project quality that it is with Ningbo Yadeke Automation Industry Co., Ltd., Ningbo. City Water Supply Co., Ltd. Branches, Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., Ningbo China Paper Co., Ltd., Ningbo, Zhoushan Port Co., Ltd. all branches and other large companies to establish a long-term friendly relations of cooperation.
The electrical test business is the strongest field that our company has been proud of since the establishment of the company; the company has a number of technical backbones who have been engaged in electrical commissioning work for more than 10 years, and has a 35kV voltage rating for the installation (construction, test). All types of commissioning equipment required for the electric power facility permit (110KV voltage level being applied) can complete the high-voltage test, the entire set of tests, various types of metering, and relays in substations for newly-built, expanded, and reformed substations with a voltage level of 35kV. Debugging; The above-mentioned cooperation units basically participated in the handover test or preventive testing of their electrical equipment. Representative performances in recent years include: 110KV and 35KV line protection verification for China Paper Thermal Power Plant; 110KV power distribution and main transformer/distribution device maintenance test for Ningbo Zhongmao Thermal Power Plant; and preventive testing project for high-voltage electrical equipment of Zhoushan Wugang Terminal Co., Ltd.; China Guangdong Nuclear Power Nuclear Power Plant preventive testing of electrical equipment; Ningbo Changfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 2017 annual electrical equipment preventive testing; all power plants in the maintenance process involves electrical testing; Yadeke all installation projects of the electrical transfer test.

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